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Photography I’ve been catching the light to create images that put your products, people and places in the best light for over two decades and love it. If you’re looking to kick your visual content up a notch, let’s talk!
Cinematography has been the most recent addition to my services offered, although I’ve ben producing award winning videos for my client for a few years now. It’s a powerful medium I love to use to change peoples minds.
Marketing, Social Media strategies, technology, SEO – in short, if you wanna take a look at a 21st century visual content creation shop or if your just curious about out of the box ways of marketing a small business – read these posts.

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FAA bans paper airplanes (and your drone)!

FAA bans paper airplanes (and your drone)!

FAA to regulate paper airplanes Earlier this week an National Transportation Safety Board appeals board granted the FAA extremely wide latitude in regulating pretty much everything that flies, including paper airplanes and drones. Forbes reports the NTSB ruling said “Federal Aviation Administration rules that apply to manned aircraft (also) apply to unmanned […]

Photography by Depuhl receives top honors at marcom awards

Photography by Depuhl receives top honors at marcom awards

On Wings of Hope wins Gold award! Photography by Depuhl announces that “On Wings of Hope” wins MarCom’s prestigious Gold Award. The MarCom Awards honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and generosity of marketing and communication professionals with an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communications professionals all […]

Don't worry - tomorrow's gonna be worse (the backstory)

Don’t worry – tomorrow’s gonna be worse (the backstory)

The airport is closed (that’s bad) “The airport is closed.” How can a whole airport shut down? There’s things you can anticipate when you work and travel. And then there’s airports grinding to a halt. It’s around noon, when the radio confirms, what we’ve been expecting: the unending snowfall has grounded all […]

Do you want to see a photographers personal work?

Do you want to see a photographers personal work?

Just a quick question: You have an upcoming photo/video shoot and you’re looking for some new talent. How big a role does “personal work” play in your decision to hire an artist? Are you more interested in seeing other published work that is similar to the work you are going […]

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Photography by Depuhl receives top honors at marcom awards
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