Jul 212014
Check how you promote yourself, by doing a search for your business on Google.

Everything is important. But one thing is more important than everything.

If you want to avoid standing on a street corner promoting your photography with a cardboard sign reading: “Will photograph for food,” there’s really only one thing you need to know. When you’re starting out as a photographer, everything seems important; buying equipment, getting your workflow right, figuring out business processes, advertising your services, creating your brand … but one thing is more important than all others, because without it, noting else matters: promote yourself, so you can get hired.

What’s your marketing plan?

Here’s where you can start: google your business (I googled mine: “Photography by Depuhl” – you can do me a favor and google it, too – I’d love to see how Google displays how I promote my business where you live. Email me (photography@depuhl.com) a screen shot and I’ll post them on here.
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Jul 112014
ThinkTank bags give me protection, when traveling with gear.

7 must have items when traveling with gear

Traveling with gear is a part of our job as photographers and cinematographers, unless you shoot exclusively in your studio. Now granted, some of us travel into more remote places and photograph in more extreme conditions. Our gear is delicate, heavy and needs some special care to work, so that we can produce the video or capture the images that our clients have hired us for. Here are 7 things you need to know that are vital when your traveling with gear on the road:

Your gear needs power

Goal Zero products produce all the power I need, when traveling with gear.Today’s cameras, audio recorders, computers, hard drives, … all need one thing: power. Sometimes it’s as simple as plugging your charger into the back of the church, sometimes it’s a small generator on location, but how do you keep everything running smoothly when your off the grid? I filmed in the jungles of Peru for 2 weeks a few months ago. 18 hours upriver from the nearest town. Too long to just bring a slew of extra batteries. All the gear got powered by solar energy. A Goal Zero 27 Watt solar panel would charge a battery/inverter all day and would power download and camera battery recharges at night. The great thing about this specific piece of gear is that it can charge 12 V, USB or 120V in the middle of nowhere. Workes like a charm and the small foldable solar panel made it a breeze to travel with my gear.

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Jul 032014

We’ve been cheering for the US, Germany and Holland in my house :) – our sincere condolences to team USA – you guys played a great world cup. So now we’re down to Germany and Holland. If you’ve enjoyed this world cup so far, check out this music video (if you know the people shown here and know what they sound like) you’ll be ROtFL! Enjoy [Post by Ronny Förster]