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Welcome to … CATCHING THE LIGHT! the blog written by Miami based photographer, cinematographer and mind changer Pascal Depuhl about  photography, cinematography & the marketing secrets of a visual content creator. Don’t want to limit yourself to just one of these three topics? Click here to read “…catching the light!” in chronological order

Photography I’ve been catching the light to create images that put your products, people and places in the best light for over two decades and love it. If you’re looking to kick your visual content up a notch, let’s talk!
Cinematography has been the most recent addition to my services offered, although I’ve ben producing award winning videos for my client for a few years now. It’s a powerful medium I love to use to change peoples minds.
Marketing, Social Media strategies, technology, SEO – if you wanna take a look at a 21st century visual content creation shop or if your just curious about out of the box ways of marketing a small business – read these posts.
Architectural photography: post production workflow

Architectural photography: post production workflow

+-*Post production for architectural photography Architectural photography is not just planning the shoot, nor is it only photographing the building. After the shoot is finished, the jobs not done. Now the assembly begins. All the RAW files captured get fine tuned in Capture One, in my opinion the best image processor out there. Color balance, contrast, brightness, perspective, ect. are adjusted. Then the architectural photography files are processed and are retouched, where small imperfections and outlets are cleaned up. Then the images go through Photoshop where the individual layers are created and assembled into a master file. Each layer has detailed masks around the building parts, the vegetation, the sky, ect. which allows us to composite the image out of the separate exposures taken on location. In the image to the left you see a […]

Marketing Hack #5 - Enter a competition for marketing professionals

Marketing Hack #5 – Enter a competition for marketing professionals

+-*“Congratulations! You’ve won gold at the MarCom awards!” reads the letter I receive earlier this year. MarCom stands for Marketing and Communication a competition for marketing professionals. I submitted “On Wings of Hope” to the competition and I’m thrilled to win another award for my first documentary film. There are more than a few competition for marketing people out there and there’s other types of competitions from advertising to some other zappy creative profession, so you got to be a little selective in entering them, since -like at a film festival- there are fees that range from a couple bucks to several hundred dollars per category. (You can check out how film festivals are a great marketing hack in last weeks post: Marketing Hack #4: Have your work screened […]

Architectural photography: How to photograph beautiful architecture

Architectural photography: How to photograph beautiful architecture

+-*Last week we looked at what goes into planning an architectural photo shoot – next week we’re going to dive into the post production workflow, but today it’s about actually photographing architecture. Looking for lines and light that you will record on the day of the shoot. Today we get down to brass tacks: we’re gonna catch the light in motion! Our house – in the middle of our street On the day of the shoot, I’m on location 3 hours before sunset. I’d rather wait than hurry. Since I already know where the camera will be set up for my shot, no time is wasted. In this specific instance, since we’re able to look through the house into the yard – the elevation of the camera is crucial as well […]

Marketing Hack #4: Have your work screened at film festivals

Marketing Hack #4: Have your work screened at film festivals

+-*Film festivals – why bother? You’re not gonna get into Cannes or Sundance. At least not on the first try (if you do, my hat off to you, let me know on Twitter @photosbydepuhl), so why try? OK, so what’s a film festival anyway? It’s a competition -sometimes with a cash prize, sometimes not- where film makers submit their work to a jury of their peers, who screen all the films making a selection of which films get screened. What do film festivals do for your brand? They give you the opportunity to show that your work has been found worthy of being in a line up for a festival, if you win that’s even better, but the mere fact of getting accepted is an accomplishment worthy of […]

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