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Welcome to … CATCHING THE LIGHT! the blog written by Miami based photographer, cinematographer and mind changer Pascal Depuhl about  photography, cinematography & the marketing secrets of a visual content creator. Don’t want to limit yourself to just one of these three topics? Click here to read “…catching the light!” in chronological order

Photography I’ve been catching the light to create images that put your products, people and places in the best light for over two decades and love it. If you’re looking to kick your visual content up a notch, let’s talk!
Cinematography has been the most recent addition to my services offered, although I’ve ben producing award winning videos for my client for a few years now. It’s a powerful medium I love to use to change peoples minds.
Marketing, Social Media strategies, technology, SEO – if you wanna take a look at a 21st century visual content creation shop or if your just curious about out of the box ways of marketing a small business – read these posts.
How to turn Facebook friends into clients

How to turn Facebook friends into clients

+-*Facebook is a great resource when it comes to referrals. Pascal Depuhl and Rosh Sillars explains how these virtual relationships can be turned into new customers at #Switch2Social.  “Facebook lets us see that mutual relationship (…) […]

External hard drive: How safe are they?

External hard drive: How safe are they?

+-*    There are two types of computer users: those who’ve had a Hard Drive (HD) fail and those who will. We all know that data is fragile and if your job is at a […]

A photographers vision is 'selbstverständlich'

A photographers vision is ‘selbstverständlich’

+-*People often assume photographers have this vision thing down. After all, we’re in the business of creating visual content designed to inspire, change minds or impact attitudes. Vision is one of those uniquely personal experiences. Your vision […]

Social Media boosts SEO! #Switch2Social

Social Media boosts SEO! #Switch2Social

+-*Did you know that Social Media boosts your SEO? It’s almost as important as inbound links. Rosh Sillars explains how SEO can be boosted by Social Media at #Switch2Social.  “SEO is not being found when people […]

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