Apr 102014

Win a signed DVD and movie poster

  • Watch the movie. Write a quote. Win a signed poster and DVD. http://bit.ly/OWOHQuote
    Watch the movie. Write a quote. Win a DVD.
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Let’s have some fun! You can win an autographed “On Wings of Hope” DVD and movie poster, just for playing!

On Wings of Hope movie poster

On Wings of Hope movie poster

Here’s how to play

It’s easy:

1) Watch the movie at www.OnWingsOfHopeFilm.com

2) Jot down a comment containing a cool quote about the movie, right there in the comment section.

3) Share the contest with your friends on Twitter or Facebook about your post include the #OnWingsQuote and bit.ly/OWOHQuote.

OWOH DVDThat’s it! You can watch for your quote on this page – and you’ll be able to vote which one you like best!

I’ll post the best ones on this page and we’ll start voting on the favorite ones!

Apr 052014
Pascal shows off his blue finger tip, proud of all his afghan friends that voted in the election in Afghanistan today!

Elections in Afghanistan

Election is Afghanistan were held for the time in afghan history today and from what it looks like so far, it’s been a relatively peaceful event. Although I believe that it is unlikely, one of the 8 Afghans running will win a majority of the votes in today’s election, I’m proud and thankful of my afghan friends. Unless this majority is won in today’s round of elections in Afghanistan, there will be a run off election in Afghanistan in 6 weeks.

According to sources familiar with the security situation in Afghanistan, in the last few weeks the Taliban had stepped up its attacks by a factor of 5 and will continue their attacks and intimidations, should a second round of votes be held. Some of my friends have been in very close proximity to attacks, which had been designed to derail the elections in Afghanistan and fortunately none of them where hurt. Continue reading »

Mar 242014
Pascal Depuhl is awarded "Best of ASMP 2013" for "On Wings of Hope"

One way to win big:

Let me tell you about a big win: As the invited guests stream into the premiere in March of 2013 – they’re treated to seeing the actual plane I flew in, stand next to a huge screen, they get to sit in the cockpit, before the movie is played and we wrap up with a Q&A session, were they have their questions answered by the filmmaker and the pilot.

Now if that’s not making a huge deal about living my dream – I don’t know what is.

Win big: The actual plane stands next to the screen as we run the world premiere of On Wings of Hope!

The only thing better would have been, if it had won some national recognition – but even thinking of that was such a long shot, considering the fact I’d never even worked on a documentary before this one. Continue reading »