9 years ago

Scott Hamilton

Shot this job in Orlando for an old friend. I was doing behind the scenes photography for the video production company to use for print work. They were creating a show called ‘Give a living rose’, which takes people, that want to say thank you to someone who has influenced their lives. In this case it was Scott Hamilton (Gold Medal winner of the Winter Olympics in 1984 in Figure Skating), who wanted to thank his coach Don Laws for all that he had done for Scott.

Scott had flown into Orlando to honor Don with a dinner – unbeknown to his former coach – that was going to be the event that the show focuses around. Here is my favorite shot of the whole night, when Scott toasts to Mr. Laws, thanking him for being such a big part of his life.

Also present at the table is Patrick Chan, Don Laws current trainee and his mom. 


Scott Hamilton thanks his coach Don Laws.

Scott Hamilton thanks his coach Don Laws.

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