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Architectural photography: How to plan an architectural photo shoot.

called sun seeker, I shows me an overhead view of where the sun is throughout the day overlayed onto a map, as well as a 3D path that is projected on the actual scene you see on your iPhone.

Sun Seeker map view

Sun seeker map view

Sun Seeker 3D overlay

Sun seeker 3D view

Knowing where the sun will be is going to dictate you’re shooting schedule on the day of the shoot. In this case, I knew that the front elevation had to be captured in the evening, which meant work would start a few hours before sunset.

Director's viewfinder overlay

Got to be wider then 25mm.

The plan is to photograph separate exposures for sky, house lights and the sun once it rises. Throw in a few strobes to light up the facade of the house and you’re looking at a few layers in your final file.

Finally you need to pick your focal length. Again there’s an app that can help called Cadrage. It does more than this, but I like to use it as a quick digital viewfinder – it won’t show anything wider than a 25mm, but it allows you to get a good idea.

This post is a part one of a series of articles, letting you come behind the scenes. Step onto my set as I am create mind changing visual content for my clients. Next week I’ll take you behind the scenes of the actual architectural photo with photos, videos and show you some tips and tricks! Stay tuned …


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