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10 years ago

Large Format photography of high end beauty product


Large Format photography of high end beauty products.

Large Format photography of high end beauty products.

Thursday I shot beauty products for one of my clients in the studio. Black background, gradient glow, 4×5 camera, digital back. High end photography – I love the large format camera. Although this type of photography is very slow and technical, it forces you to think through every part of the image, with stunning results.

10 years ago


One of my new years resolutions is to get the word out and promote my business in ways I have not done last year. PDN ran an article in its Jan 2008 issue titled “Social Networking: The New Marketing Tool”. One of the sites they highlighted is called LinkedIn. I have been a member of LinkedIn for a few years, but have never utilized it for my photography. So last week I began adding contacts in ernest.

The idea behind this site is that you know people, which I don’t (and vice versa), but they know people that need a good photographer. So I can look at who you know (via your network) and ask you to introduce me to that person, in effect making the cold call to a potential client, a warm call with a personal recommendation from a trusted source to the correct person. Sounds good to me.

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

SEO & Pagerank

As I am learning more and more about SEO (search engine optimization) I read that page rank is an important number. It is the number that Google calculates to figure out where your site places on the web. My photography site currently has the following pagerank:

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