7 years ago

Capture One on Sale saving you over $250!

I wrote a blog post about Capture One acquiring Microsoft’s Expressions Media a few weeks ago about a great offer they were making through the end of June: If you bought Capture One for $129.- they would give you Expression Media (Retail $199.-) for free!

That deal just got better, for one week Phase One is selling Capture One software for half price, so you can get Capture One for $64.50 – but only to June 18th.

Check out Phase One’s announcement and go buy the best image editor today! So what does that mean for your wallet? Spend $64.50 and you can save $64.50 on Capture One’s retail price of $129.- and you get Expressions Media for $0.00, saving you an additional $199.00; total savings 263.50!

The British Journal of Photography reported yesterday, that Phase One’s newest version of Capture One (5.1.2) already includes some of the features of Expressions Media, making sharing files between the two softwares easier. In an interview with the same publication Phase One’s CEO, Henrik O. Håkonsson, stated that his companies interest in making Expressions Media “super efficient”, if they bought it from Microsoft.

Both of these software programs are the best at what they do. I can not wait until this integration makes them even better!

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