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9 years ago

How to make facebook safe for your confidential business information:

How many times a day do you need to show a client a file, concept, video, photo, …? If you’re anything like me, it’s all the time. Many of our files are pretty big or proprietary and confidential, so it’s hard to send them through email or over a social network like facebook (I mean do you really want to be discussing the terms of an upcoming shoot on your fb wall?)

Would it not be great to have one place that is like facebook, just secure? A social network for business that is more personal than LinkedIn? A timeline like Twitter that shows your whole team what is happening in your business? A place were you can work together with your vendors, clients and crew to produce, review, share and comment on the projects that you are working on?

Find out how you can do all this for free after the jump.
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I hired you and not the other photographer, because …

We spend a lot of thought and time on advertising, promoting, website design, SEO, CRM, email marketing, … to be on top of mind of our potential client at ‘the moment of relevance‘, as Google calls it. So now you’re on the phone with him – what do you talk about? Obviously there’s the information you need about the production of the shoot, how many images, how they’ll be used, … but all photographers should be doning this. So what sets you apart? What makes you the guy or girl that this potential client is going to hire?

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10 years ago

BING likes facebook

Although Google is without a doubt the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to search, BING – Microsoft’s search engine – just announced a partnership with facebook.

Watch a short video of how this works (unfortunately Microsoft’s embed link does not work.)

What does this mean? Why should you care? Well it means that if you are looking for a product or service, BING will let you know who of your friends ‘like’ this service on facebook, which gives you instant feedback about which company is trusted by your facebook friends.

We’ll see how this affects purchasing decisions on the one hand, but also if we’ll be more selective on who will be our facebook friends.

10 years ago

LinkedIn for your company

LinkedIn has been around for a long time as a great place to keep track of your contacts as we all move through life. We go from college to work and move from company to company, many times our email addresses are ‘‘ , so unless you’re a close personal friend, i.E. someone I know another email address of, I am not able to stay in touch.

My view on accepting facebook friends and twitter followers is very much looser than my LinkedIn network. LinkedIn are the people I have worked with, want to work with, should be working with – but they are people that are real contacts that are valuable for my business.

Photography by Depuhl on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has now taken it a step further: they have introduced the ‘company’ page, a place where you can talk about your products and services, your employees and where people can follow news about your company. Pretty cool. Oh – if you’re on linked in, you can follow Photography by Depuhl on LinkedIn.

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