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a couple of years ago

Tell a story to step up your video

Story is the foundation of your video

Story is the foundation of video

Don’t have a great story? Stop everything and find one, before you do anything else. No seriously stop. Get the story. It’s the foundation of your video. Learn how to step up your video from the talk I gave at WordCamp Miami a few weeks ago.

Next weeks video is all about sound

Next week we’ll dive into the second step of “How to step up your video: Sound“. Audio is one of those things for us photographers that we tend to ignore. DON’T. I believe sound is more important than your visuals. Get a primer on why the one piece of gear you need for good video, has nothing to do with video.


I spoke at #WCMIA as part of a MarketingHack#6: Speak to influencers that your target market trusts.

It’s all about sound: listen to this (ASMP strictly business)

The incredible importance of sound in video

Sound is more important than visuals

I just spoke about sound in my “How to step up your video” at WordCamp Miami. “Sound” I said “is more important than visuals“–especially to us photographers. We want to make video look pretty, which means sound often come a distant second. Actually I believe the most important thing in video is story, because without a good story, you’ve got nothing, zip, nada, but I digress.

Listen to this

We often dismiss sound over sight, but sound adds richness to a movie. Do this experiment – watch a movie for 5 minutes on mute and the next 5 minutes with your eyes closed, but the sound playing. Which sense enabled you to follow the story line easier? In general I’d argue hearing. If you’ve been photographing for any length of time, you’ve got the visual part of video down anyway. Sound is important

I love sound guys

Check out the article I wrote on Strictly Business, the blog of the American Society of Media Photographers, on audio for photographers called “Listen to this!” You’ll learn how come I absolutely love sound guys, why you should wash out your ears, why I record everything twice and what the biggest technical problem is when capturing audio with DSLRs.

More about audio for photographers and videographers

Check out this case study on sound with some cool actual audio recordings of doing it right (and not so right), while interviewing pilots in flight above Afghanistan and why the most important piece of equipment for video has nothing to do with video.

a couple of years ago

“How to step up your video” speaking at WordCamp 2015

How to step up your video - intro #WCMIA

I had the opportunity to speak about how to step up your video at WordCamp Miami a few weeks ago. Check out the talk on video over the next few weeks. Tell me in the comments how you’re using video. In the meantime check out why I spoke about video at #WCMIA read my MarketingHack#6: Speak to influencers that your target market trusts.


Check out the other parts of this talk:

How to step up your video: Story

How to step up your video: Sound

How to step up your video: Visuals

How to step up your video: Edit

a couple of years ago

Making your video. Better.

Making your video. Better.

Making your Video.

It’s really not that hard, especially today where everyone is jumping on the video band wagon. Facebook is favoring video content, Merrkat and Periscope are off the charts with live streaming video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and if you think that it’s too late to get started, don’t fret – especially not, when you live in South Florida. I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Miami the end of this month about – you guessed it- Making your video. Actually about making your video. Better.

Making your video is something we all can get better at

Teaching 'Making your video. Better" at WordCamp MiamiDoesn’t matter if your a nubie, who’s never posted a video ever (I’ll teach you how to use your phone) or a seasoned video blogger – you can learn how to step up you online videos. We’ll be talking about story, sound, visuals and putting it all together in the edit.

Check out the teaser video we’ve put together and see you at WordCamp Miami after the jump.

a couple of years ago

External hard drive: How safe are they?

ioSafe splash

Can your external hard drive to that?



There are two types of computer users: those who’ve had a Hard Drive (HD) fail and those who will. We all know that data is fragile and if your job is at a desk, that’s fairly easy to mitigate with backups, RAIDs, ect. and I’m not going to write another post about how to backup your data – there’s a million of those out there – safe to say that data is the most vulnerable if it hasn’t been backed up.

How’s the armor on your External Hard Drives?

TechTip: How to power a GoPro for an all day time lapse

Setting up a Time Lapse camera

(TechTip – a short post about a quick tip that will save you time and frustration).

Wish I knew this on my last time lapse

Powering a GoPro for a Time Lapse project
I shot a day long behind the scene time lapse on my last motion job, but since the client hadn’t specified that we’re gonna be shooting a time lapse, I had not brought my usual time lapse DSLR setup that I’ve written about before, but had my GoPro Hero 3+ (@GoPro) in my kit. Even with an extended battery the camera will shoot around 2-3 hours, depending on how many photos, how large, ect. So every couple of hours we’d go check on the camera to see, if it’s still shooting.
Later my assistant told me that a GoPro will shoot while the battery is being charged externally – good to know! I put this info to the test yesterday.

Powering a multi day time lapse

Here’s my setup: GoPro Hero 3+ camera, set to take one 3K still photo every 5 seconds. I hooked up the camera via USB to a battery/inverter called Sherpa 50 made by Goal Zero (@GoalZero), the company that I purchased my solar charge set up for our shoot in the peruvian jungle last year.
The Sherpa ran the camera uninterrupted for over 14 hours, capturing almost 10,000 images until my 32GB microSD card filled up, while the GoalZero Sherpa still was at a 40% charge.

How to save 1000 bucks on baggage fees

A baggage cart can save your back when traveling with 100s of pounds

Spend 5 minutes – save a 1000 bucks

Traveling with gear is not only tough on your gear, but can get very expensive–especially when you’re flying. Airlines charge fees for checked bags already and those fees can get very steep even for a regular passenger. They can easily add up to more than your ticket price, once you add a few hundred pounds of gear.

Save money by cutting your checked bag fee by over 90%

An overweight or oversize bag can cost $600.- per flight and that adds up quickly. I’ll show you how to significantly save a few hundred bucks and cut that cost (by over 90% ) on every flight you take from now on.Continue reading