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4 years ago

The Art of changing minds – my TEDx Boca Raton talk – I bet I can change your mind!

The art of changing minds #TEDxBocaRaton talk as a wordle

You’re a TED talk!

You’re a TED talk” is what the lady tells me. I just sat down at Panera 5 minutes ago and am meeting Becky for the first time in my life. Someone had told me that we needed to meet – and I just started telling her how I got to make ‘On Wings of Hope‘ – my award winning documentary in Afghanistan. She interrupts me after a few minutes “You’re a TED talk” and I think to myself “Yeah. Sure I am.

For those of you who don’t know, TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) given by thought leaders and top influencers in their field; people like Steven Hawkins, Tony Robbins, Al Gore, …  So you can see how I fit right into that line-up. NOT!

Strangely enough about a year later I find myself on the stage of FAU in Boca Raton, talking about ‘The Art of Changing minds” at Becky’s #TEDxBocaRaton event. Here is my TEDx talk as a wordleContinue reading

5 years ago

Elections in Afghanistan close with minimum disruptions

Pascal shows off his blue finger tip, proud of all his afghan friends that voted in the election in Afghanistan today!

Elections in Afghanistan

Election is Afghanistan were held for the time in afghan history today and from what it looks like so far, it’s been a relatively peaceful event. Although I believe that it is unlikely, one of the 8 Afghans running will win a majority of the votes in today’s election, I’m proud and thankful of my afghan friends. Unless this majority is won in today’s round of elections in Afghanistan, there will be a run off election in Afghanistan in 6 weeks.

According to sources familiar with the security situation in Afghanistan, in the last few weeks the Taliban had stepped up its attacks by a factor of 5 and will continue their attacks and intimidations, should a second round of votes be held. Some of my friends have been in very close proximity to attacks, which had been designed to derail the elections in Afghanistan and fortunately none of them where hurt.Continue reading

Award: Depuhl one of the 20 Best of ASMP 2013


ASMP Bulletin Best of Issue 2013 CoverASMP honors the 20 best photographers and cinematographersPascal Depuhl wins Best of ASMP 2013 for Photos from award winning documentary Best of ASMP 2013 awarded for documentary film

Click on images to see article in ASMP Bulletin Best of issue 2013

American Society of Media Photographers honors Miami based photographer and cinematographer Pascal Depuhl for his documentary film “On Wings of Hope”. Filmed in Afghanistan in early 2012, the short movie tells the story of a daring medivac flight.
Read ASMP’s complete interview with documentary filmmaker Pascal Depuhl online.

“On Wings of Hope” wins Best of ASMP 2013

“On Wings of Hope”, the documentary that I filmed in Afghanistan last year, just earned me a spot among the 20 Best of ASMP photographers in 2013. I’m humbled and honored to be included in this fine group of amazing photographic professionals and want to congratulate all past and present finalists.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Pascal Depuhl is awarded "Best of ASMP 2013" for "On Wings of Hope"

“On Wings of Hope, a short documentary telling the story of an aid agency that provides air transportation to all humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan. 

Pascal Depuhl had been creating motion projects with his clients for only six months when he went to Afghanistan to film the short documentary On Wings of Hope, to tell the story of an aid agency that provides air transportation to all the humanitarian organizations within the country.

“Afghanistan is an amazingly beautiful place to film in, but the environments of extreme cold (25° below) and altitude (10,000 feet) make shooting challenging,” says Depuhl. “This is the first motion project I produced without following a script or a storyboard, making it a very formidable task and a great learning experience as I edited the story.”ASMP: How long have you been in business?
Pascal Depuhl: I’ve been a professional photographer since 1988 …”


Read the full interview at Best of ASMP and watch the 15 minute short documentary here:

6 years ago

How the Miami International Boatshow made me produce this BTS film.

Content of my Grip / Rigging Bag

Remember the client that hired me in 43 minutes after my facebook post? It’s the same client I had created a behind the scenes motion piece of how they set up for the Miami International Boatshow. Well that relationship has been the underlying reason that I was had the opportunity to tell a unique story.

People – especially other photographer – often ask me why I’m getting into shooting video. Here’s an example of a corporate film that I have been filming for the past few months. One of my clients (I started off shooting still photos for them), approached me in the summer and ask me to help them tell the story about a brand new boat they were developing. They did not want to show the production process only, but rather tell their customers about how they came up with this patented new hull design. And they wanted the team that actually build the boat tell the story.

This piece was shot over the course of about half a year, following the process that the boat took, from conception to production. One of the things I love about creating these corporate stories, is that I get to become a little bit of an expert on a lot of things and that I usually get access to some really interesting places and processes in the meantime. So I get to spend the day in the paint room, where the mold of the Bayliner Element gets created. I get to install a camera inside the deck as it gets joined to the hull.

I love still photography. It’s crisp and concise. You capture one fraction of a second, freezing time so that the viewer can take time to study the pictured subject in all it’s glory. However with video I can have other people speak. You can hear the excitement in the voice of the chief naval architect and how he came up with this revolutionary shape one evening in his living room at home. You can see the twinkle in his eye – you get excited with him.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.23.00 PMScreen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.23.13 PMBut my favorite thing (and this goes for still photography as well), is when the client is thrilled. When their customers are happy. Getting to read messages like these (that my awesome client shared with me :) makes my day. They mean that we succeeded in telling their story.

Check out how Bayliner is using this video to tell the story of the Element at the Miami International Boatshow (it’s playing on the monitor in the right side of the trade show display):


Oh and here is the time lapse video, enjoy.