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How to change copyright info to 2017 in your camera, blog and website!

Switch copyright info to 2017

Thankfully it’s a lot easier than it was on past models, which involved connecting your camera to the computer, figuring out a not so friendly software, ect. Today’s cameras make it a lot easier – especially the touch screen on the Canon 5D Mk IV:

change copyright info: select Copyright Information

To change copyright info in my Canon, I go to Copyright information in the yellow wrench menu and tap on screen 5. The touchscreen on the Mk IV makes that a breeze, however the thumb wheel scrolls through the menus, the top wheel scrolls through their screens.


Name of the copyright holder as part of change copyright info

Start by entering the author’s name. This is step 1. If you already did this last year, you can skip this step, since the information will not have changed. I do this with every camera I rent as well.


change copyright info including copyright holders name

In my case, the name is still here from 2016. If you already had it, you don’t need to change it, but it’ nice to know where to go to add the name of the copyright holder. Both parts are important if you change copyright info, this one just does not have to be changed every year.


change copyright info step 2: Copyright Details

Step 2: Enter Copyright details. That’s everything else in your copyright notice – that’s not your name. It should read “Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.”


change copyright info here's where 2016 changes to 2017

All you need to do here is to erase the 6 (touch the space behind the number and touch the trash icon). Now add a 7. Voila, you’ve changed your copyright info 2016 to 2017.


check change copyright info

Tap display copyright info to check what the changed copyright info will look like. (And don’t give me grief about the sand on my camera, I just got back from shooting on the beach – I’m gonna blow it out in a minute :)


Ta da! You managed to change copyright info successfully!

And there you have it! That wasn’t as bad as on the Mk II. Check your  camera manufacturers documentation for how to do this on your camera. 

“According to the US Copyright Office Circular 3, that [ a ‘c’ between brackets or (c)] is not an acceptable form. The only designations of ‘copyright‘ which are acceptable to the US Copyright Office are: the symbol © (letter C in a circle), the word ‘Copyright‘, or the abbreviation ‘Copr.‘” HT @NSL_Photography for pointing out that …

I change copyright info in my camera to read Copyright, instead of (c), you just need to be careful, since you may get the limit of the IPTC fiyour cameraith this – this was true on my 5D Mk II.

I’ve based this post on how to change copyright info on the equipment, services and software that I use. If you use other cameras and software please take a moment to tell us how to change the © info in the comments below.

Are there any other places that you change your copyright notice in your workflow?

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Pascal Depuhl - a couple of years ago Reply

Happy to help. Enjoy the 2 minutes that you’re gonna be saving every year from now on :)

Tearsa Joy Hammock - a couple of years ago Reply

Super helpful! Thank you so much for this script. Just applied it to my new site!

Your filename must include this one word - if you want to work - 3 years ago Reply

[…] filename make sure to add your copyright information in camera as well (If you don’t know how to change your copyright info in camera read this blog post)- however Canon limits you to a 4 alphanumeric characters plus 4 numbers in […]

Steve - 4 years ago Reply

If like me you’re forgetful then the following code may save you having to change the date on your website and blog each year. Most blogs, and majority of sites, are written in PHP, you can easily spot whether yours is by the ‘?’ and ‘$’ signs in the page code. So to write the current year in PHP cut and paste where you want the year to appear on your page. Here’s the code: < ?php echo date('Y'); ?>

Technology for Media - 4 years ago Reply

Here’s how in LR.
I did this last year. This year it took about 30 sec to update.

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