Collaboration is pointless …

Pascal Depuhl is a regular collaborator on ASMP Strictly Business

…unless you get to work with people that are better than –or at least equal to– you. 

Look for collaborators that improve your work.

“Sounds like fortune cookie wisdom” you say “if the person you want to team up with is better than you, why on earth would they want to collaborate with you? If you’re not paying them, what’s in it for them?” Good question. I’ll answer that in a second.

Collaboration with the absolute best is vital in all stages of our careers as photographers. From the assistant, who wants to learn from the masters of our trade; the brand new studio owner, who is looking for a mentor to the seasoned professional, who focuses on expanding into a new market. 

We must strive to collaborate with the best. When I was assisting in the late 80’s I wanted to work with photographers of the caliber of a Richard Avedon. What was in it for Richard Avendon work with me? In his own words: “one of the hottest New York assistants.” I ended up freelancing for him for 2 years. 

Collaborate throughout a project 

Collaboration with the best is especially important through all stages of a project. You may need help landing your dream client, so you collaborate with …

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