Get Your Overhead Under Control in 3 steps!

Is overhead dangerously hanging over your head?

There is an old story from ancient Greece about a young man, Damocles, who is invited to switch places with the king. He jumps at the opportunity, but as a condition to ruling, he finds a giant sword suspended by a single strand of hair overhead. Needless to say, he quit being king.

What is overhead?

Wikipedia says “in business, overhead, or overhead expense, refers to an ongoing expense of operating a business.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’re a lot better off, if you can remove that sword over your head as often as possible — or at least keep it as small as possible.

More about controlling overhead

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Pascal Depuhl - 3 years ago Reply

Damocles. Check him out on Wikipedis (trust me I did not make him up …)

Gabrielle Depuhl - 3 years ago Reply

damocles? ive read alot of greek mythology but hes not in there…..

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