How to get clients as a small business or freelancer.
4 years ago

How to get clients.

Get clients - a few tips

“How do I get clients?” is a question I asked myself often, when I was starting out. Today I see many small business owners and freelancers on this quest to get clients. So what’s the secret? How do people figure out you’re the guy or gal that can solve their problems, create the content they need or provide the service to help their business succeed?

To get clients you must show them work that rocks!

This should be a given. Your work (in my case photos and videos) needs to speak for itself. It needs to stand out from all the other work out there. Show only you very best work. The stuff that’s won awards, that’s been showcased, stuff others can’t stop talking about – that’ll get clients talking.

Your work has get in front of the right audience. If it sits on your hard drive or on your shelf I don’t care how awesome it is – no one is going to hire you based on work they can’t see. Build a strong web presence. Write a blog. Learn social media. Have a good website. Make it easy for potential clients to find you. Build an audience – (here’s a Roadmap to building your audience.)

To get clients you need to show them what you want to shoot!

Clients book you, because they see a still image or a video you created. And they need something similar. This is what Google calls the moment of relevance. The closer you can get to it in your response to a prospective client, the more likely your chances of getting work from them. (I’ll talk about my response time a little in this post). You must make sure that the work you want to do is searchable – that’s especially challenging for a visual content creator, since search engines don’t speak photo. They needs text to find the imagery people are searching for. Get rid of those IMG_1234.jpeg filenames on your website and help people find your work. [Read: Your filename must include this work.]

Some may say “but I don’t have an image or a video of what I’d like to shoot.” Let me guess and since you don’t have it, you can’t show it – and since you can’t show it, you don’t get clients to book you to shoot it – so you don’t have it … you get the idea.

Shoot it anyway. Shoot it for yourself. Find a non-profit that needs that photo or video and create it for them. Then you have the work to show the next prospect, that proves to them that you can shoot this, because now you can show it. Think that’s to expensive, to complicated, to risky? I went to Afghanistan to produce, film, edit and promote a short documentary for a non-profit, because that’s the kind of work I want to create, the work that would help me get clients.

You know what my clients biggest donor said?

Showing work you want to shoot can get clients.

We’re talking about a commission, that represents group of governments, who work with hundreds of non-profit humanitarian organizations around the world and see even more films showcasing the work those NGOs do. What do you think happens, when I show this corporate documentary film to my prospective clients? You think it get’s me more clients? You bet!

To get clients get personal and show them more, than just your work

“My work speaks for itself.” Yeah. Sure. Future clients want to know…

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