How to get clients.

Get clients - a few tips

…who YOU are. In the creative field especially – unless you just want to be a technician. No thanks. I want to give input in the creative process, come up with a new idea, present a fresh way of showing of my clients product, sharing an innovative way in describing what their company’s service is all about.

Remember they are hiring you, because you’re an expert. They trust, that you are able to produce what they need, at the quality you promised, for the money that they have budgeted. True, a picture says a thousand words, but it’s so much more powerful, when you like they guy or gal that made it and can see yourself working with them.If they can see who you are, that will get clients to work with you.

CASE IN POINT: Let’s look at the last three clients I am working with: One is a multi national company, one is a start-up  and one is moving their production quality up. One makes a watch, one sells food and the third sells security services to various governments around the world. One found me through an existing relationship, the other two found me in an organic Google search.

At first glance these three look like they have nothing in common. Except they do. You know what that is? Every one of them told me two things: We are not questioning your ability to produce the photos or videos we need. (the Facebook post earlier in this post is the verbatim quote of one of these companies) – Remember I show work that rocks. Show work that is better, than what they need. It will answer a lot of their questions, before they ask them.

Secondly, they all said that they wanted ME to shoot their ad campaign, their packaging photography and produce their marketing video, because of who I was – and that’s before they met me. (Wanting to work with you specifically will get clients to build a strong relationship early on.) Everyone of these three had agreed to work with me before meeting with me in person and before we had discussed budget. So their choice was not an ability thing (there’s a lot of great photographers and film makers out there), nor was it a price thing (there’s plenty of people who produce cheaper – in terms or money and usually quality than I do) – it was who they met online, when they looked at my presence on the web.

Get clients to care, by showing them that you care.

How fast do you respond? How quickly can you produce a finished estimate? How easy is it to reach you? How quickly do you deliver finished images? Photography and cinematography (or fill in the blank what you do as a freelancer) takes up the minority of my time – I mean the actual creation of my visual content. Planning, pitching, coming up with treatments, learning, researching, producing, traveling, processing, editing, co-laboring, delivering, storing, archiving, backing up, billing, repairing, marketing, promoting, … takes up the lion share of my day.

When a prospective new client contacts me through my website, I respond to their request immediately. How long do you take to get back to your leads (If you wanna know how I manage a personal response check out my quick tip on ASMP’s Strictly Business blog: Automate!)

I read an interesting article on inbound marketing the other day that said: “Be significantly more remarkable than your competitors…”

How are you significantly more remarkable? If you can figure that out, that will help you get clients to pay attention to your brand and favor giving you the work.

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