Mar 182014
"Would you like to have some tea?" is a common phrase in Afghanistan. It's actually so common, that you turn down the first two times this gift is offered to you. Only if the Afghan really wants to drink tea with you, will he actually as a third time.

Giving your skills away sounds counterintuitive at first. Aren’t the photographers and videographers that are underbidding all of us destroying the industry? Find out how that’s not what I’m talking about at all and why I will continue to …

Give my gift away, precisely because it is worth something.

Do you agree that you should give your ability away? Let me know – hit me up on twitter @photosbydepuhl Here’s an excerpt from my post on @ASMP ‘s blog:

Is it worth it? Other than honoring the gift you received, by helping others – which in and of itself is a great reward – my pro-bono work is usually the work I show off to clients, it’s the work that wins awards, the work I get invited to speak and blog about and it open doors to paying jobs, as well as more pro-bono work.” 

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