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Grandpa got Google search!

You can buy this piece of Search History on ebay.

in the yellow pages under the heading, which corresponded to the service the caller had requested.

Grandpa got Google search!

He understood how search worked and was well aware that people weren’t looking for the name of his business, when they cracked the yellow pages open, but that they were looking for the solutions his business could offer. Each new solution warranted the creation of a new keyword driven listing.

Search in the style of 1957

You can buy a piece of Search History on Ebay (Image: Ebay)

Fast forward to today’s SEO

Typing in your business name into Google and getting found, is not Search Engine Optimization. All that means is that Google has indexed your site. That’s it. People who’ve never heard about your business, by definition don’t know your business name. They are looking for a specific solution to a problem they have. My potential customers are looking for a product photographer in Miami. That’s what they need. That’s the problem I need to solve for them.

Know what people are typing into search, when they’re looking for you

And just like Grandpa, I must understand what people are searching for, when they are looking for my business. Once I understand the search terms that are relevant for my business, only then can I create content, that’s designed to get my website on the first page of Google’s search results to the solution my clients are looking for.

What are people are typing into the search bar, when they want to find your business?


Grandpa got Google. He understood how people were finding his business. Do you know what their searching for when they expect to find you?

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