How to get started on Social Media
5 years ago

How to get started on Social Media

How to get started …

Someone turned on a fire hose on Thursday at #Switch2Social workshop and wow–that was some great information–but honestly hearing that much info about Social Media in one sitting, can make it difficult to figure how to get started on Social Media.

Your website is the center of your universe

Learn from Rosh "How to get started on Social Media"First of all you gotta have a website, like Rosh said. One that can convert people, who found you on Google, into clients. Take a quick look at your site. Is there a clear ‘Call-to-action’, i.E. something you are trying to get people to do? It can be as simple as having someone buy a print from your site, calling your phone number or as complicated as a contact form, that automatically adds all entered information into you Customer Relationship Management system, sending the potential client a branded and personalized email (thanking them for contacting you), while alerting you, that there is someone waiting for you to look at on an app on your smart phone. If you don’t have a website with a call-to-action, that’s where you start.

I blog, therefore they get to know me

So you got a website with a clear call-to-action? Great. How’s your blog look. Remember Scott says he uses Social Media to get to know a potential creative (before he ever talks with them!)? You’re blog is your online personality. You can share things here that are a little more informal, personal and quirky. It’s a place that you can share long content often (remember Google loves long content). If you don’t have a blog going yet or it’s been languishing for a while now, Kate wrote a nice post yesterday on how to start blogging.

But my images speak for themselves …

You say “I don’t need to blog and tweet and pin and tag, right?” I’ve got some bad news for you:”The bottom line is that relying solely on your imagery to speak for you has become …

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