How to get started on Social Media
5 years ago

How to get started on Social Media

… dangerous.” Hey, wait! Before you get upset with me, I didn’t write this–although I agree wholeheartedly with Heather Elder, the photo rep out in California, who did. People expect you to be a good photographer. That’s a given today, sorry. It’s no longer enough to only have your portfolio online and nothing else. Fortunately Heather goes on to say: “Adding your voice to that imagery is equally as dangerous, but for everyone else, not you.” You’re work has to be online. On your website, Vimeo, Flikr, YouTube, … pick your favorite system (Rosh called these the inner planets), but you gotta add your voice to the visual content you have out there.

Are you gonna get to ‘how to get started on social media’ anytime soon?

OK. Got it” you say “but when are you gonna talk about how to get started in Social Media; so far you haven’t said anything about that.” Yup. You’re right. Social Media is where you communicate, where you meet people and gently bring them to your website. However, before you can start converting, what you’re gonna say has to be ready (otherwise your posting another picture of your cat, right?) Heather talks about adding your voice. Question is what are you going to say?

Can I confess something to you? I’ve been on Social Media for over a decade now and just now figured out that I’m talking to the wrong audience. I’ve been creating content for other photographers and cinematographers, which is nice–but none of you guys hire me for work. That’s why I invited Scott to speak. His insights from across the table where invaluable. I’m working on figuring out what a creative director wants to read on a photographers blog, what a marketing person will set time aside to listen to or what a small business owner will spend a few minutes to watch online.

The last thing you need to figure out before you get started on Social Media, is what you’re gonna say. There are so many netowrks out there, it’s impossible to mention them all. If you want to learn about the different Social Media sites, how they are unique along with case studies of how companies used a specific platform really well (and very poorly) read Gary Vaynerchuck’s book Jab, jab, jab, right hook. It’s hands down the best book on Social Media I’ve read. If you want to read another one, read Rosh and Lindsay’s book The linked photographer.

Go out there and have fun

Now you’re good to go, have fun. Be real. Be yourself. Help others. Champion good content (even -actually especially- if it’s not your own), you’ll be surprised to find the amazing doors that Social Media will open for you and your business.

Quick Recap:

#1 You need a website with a ‘Call to Action’

#2 You have to have a blog that shows your personality

#3 You’re work needs to be online

#4 Figure out what you’re gonna say

#5 Have fun!


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