9 years ago

Keeping track of your customers

It’s hard enough to find clients that are looking for a photographer. Once you’ve identified a potential customer you want to be persistent and reliable in your follow-up communication, but not obnoxious or forgetful.

That’s not so hard when you have a few jobs that you are working on at once, but what happens if it’s a dozen? Or more? I do believe this is a great problem to have, but you don’t want to harass your clients.

Being a small company that’s were CRM comes in, i.E. Customer Relationship Management. We all do it, but between your email program, your phone calls, letters, promo pieces and meetings, how do you keep track of who did what when?

I just signed up with SalesForce.com. This is a web based CRM system, in which you can track your leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, jobs, … online. I have begun importing my current clients and leads and can see where this will streamline my customer service.

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