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Marketing Hack #3: Become a mind changer

25 Marketing Hacks

What do you think about when you heat Afghanistan?” Here are their answers. If you don’t know how a wordle or word cloud works, the bigger the word, the more people gave that answer.

Wordle, displaying the size of the word in proportion to how often it was used.

Wordle, displaying the size of the word in proportion to how often it was used.

I showed the 15 minute movie and the same questions are asked directly after the screening is finished. As the ‘After’ wordle flashes up on the screen in real time, I can’t believe what I just got: 100 data points of how my movie has impacted the minds of the students. (Check out my blog post called “How to change 100 minds in 15 minutes” to see the wordle with the answers they gave after the movie. It’s gonna blow you away.)

This Marketing Hack is valuable, because …

What’s the value of knowing what 100 people thought before you show them a movie? None, but if you can measure how they felt after you showed them the film, that information is incredibly insightful. Today I show my clients those two word clouds. If I can change 100 minds in 15 minutes, what do they think I can do for their product or service by creating mind-changing-visual-content? And how many of my competition have similar data? (Hint: none.) Get some data on the effect of your work and use it to change your clients minds about you.

The result:

Clients want results and being able to show them a real world example of how video can impact perceptions and behavior is invaluable. This experience was also the underlying story I told during my TEDx talk “The Art of Changing Minds” and I get to introduce myself as a mind changer, if someone asks what I do for a living. People always stop dead in their tracks and ask me to tell them more – yet another opportunity to burn my brand into their brain.


PS: Check out Marketing Hack #25: I’ll tell you about the how I got to present a TEDx talk.

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