Promote your photography: “Will photograph for food!”

Check how you promote yourself, by doing a search for your business on Google.

Everything is important. But one thing is more important than everything.

If you want to avoid standing on a street corner promoting your photography with a cardboard sign reading: “Will photograph for food,” there’s really only one thing you need to know. When you’re starting out as a photographer, everything seems important; buying equipment, getting your workflow right, figuring out business processes, advertising your services, creating your brand … but one thing is more important than all others, because without it, noting else matters: promote yourself, so you can get hired.

What’s your marketing plan?

Here’s where you can start: google your business (I googled mine: “Photography by Depuhl” – you can do me a favor and google it, too – I’d love to see how Google displays how I promote my business where you live. Email me ( a screen shot and I’ll post them on here.

How do you promote yourself?

Don’t stop at social media. Get your name out there and remember you’re not gonna stop doing that for as long as you are a photographer. Here’s some of what I’ve done in the last few months to promote my work: (…)

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