How strong is your online brand? - … catching light in motion!

How strong is your online brand?

You are, who you are online

Klout ScoreLike it or not, you have an online brand. You can choose to ignore it or choose to foster it, but your clients are looking at you online right now. In todays day and age Google is where many clients will find you – actually that’s not true, Google is the place many clients will look for you, it’s up to your brand if they find you. (A great place to see how influential you are is

Why brand trumps skill (kind of).

I recently wrote an article on ASMP’s Strictly Business blog called “Why a Strong Brand Online is Worth More Than Your Skill Set.” Of course there has to be some kind of ability for photography and video production to call yourself a photographer/cinematographer, but I was surprised to learn that Nordstrom recently hired 11 instagram celebrities to photograph what they call an instalog (a mix of Instagram and their catalog).

The end of professional photography!

I can already hear the lament: “This is the end of professional photography!” No. It’s not. Nordstrom did not shut down

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