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4 years ago

MarketingHack #16: Be featured as an expert in a book

MarketingHack 16: Loose a book for 2 years

25 Marketing Hacks is a weekly blog series the explores unconventional ways of getting the word out about your work. Traditionally photographers and cinematographers use their portfolios or show reels either in a face-to-face meeting or online to attract new clients. Today I’ll show you how to be featured as an expert in a book that you don’t even have to write.

Become an expert

So yeah, there’s no way around this. You got to become an expert. Clients love to work with an expert in the field, Google loves to find the expert to serve to their users, experts are wanted by everyone. This is the part where you need to put your nose to the grind stone and work hard.

The good news is that you don’t have to become the best expert in the world – after all there’s Featured Expert on videoonly one of those – but you need to become an expert in the eye of the author who is looking for an expert to help teach his readership.

Back up and tell the story from the beginning

Two and a half years ago, I got contacted by Rosh Sillars (@RoshSillars) who was writing a Digital Field guide on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. He was looking for an expert to give some tips on how to shoot video with the new Rebel. Rosh had asked me to give some practical tips on capturing motion, rather than the technical settings.

I gladly agreed, for one I enjoy helping my friends do well. I also can’t see the downside of being featured in a book as the expert on video. I was in the middle of pulling off my world wide première of my first documentary film (Check out Marketing Hack #11 for why we showed the film at an airport), when I did a quick phone interview with Rosh about video.

It’s kind of a funny story

Rosh finishes the interview, the book gets published and I’m supposed to get a copy from the publisher, but honestly I totally forgot about it, although I did see the page on and included a link to that page on my about page. Fast forward to yesterday (2 years after the book got published).

5 years ago

Marketing Hack #9: Example of a great [fill in the blank]

Let me give you an exampleGet your social media featured as an example

No, really – Janine Warner used one of my Facebook pages as an example of good Social Media Design in her book. OK, great you say – but how is this marketing? Any mention of your work is marketing – in this case, it happens to be a page that features the world wide screening of On Wings of Hope. (We’ll look at the event itself in next weeks MarketingHack #10.)

The long tail from event to example

Everything you put online is there forever. Usually “long tail” refers to search, but I want to challenge you to think about how to use projects you’ve done for a long time–let the project have a long tail. In this case the premiere was on April 8th, 2013 – and the conversation to make this an example in a book took place almost half a year after the event.

Get your work shown as an example