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5 years ago

Marketing Hack #9: Example of a great [fill in the blank]

Let me give you an exampleGet your social media featured as an example

No, really – Janine Warner used one of my Facebook pages as an example of good Social Media Design in her book. OK, great you say – but how is this marketing? Any mention of your work is marketing – in this case, it happens to be a page that features the world wide screening of On Wings of Hope. (We’ll look at the event itself in next weeks MarketingHack #10.)

The long tail from event to example

Everything you put online is there forever. Usually “long tail” refers to search, but I want to challenge you to think about how to use projects you’ve done for a long time–let the project have a long tail. In this case the premiere was on April 8th, 2013 – and the conversation to make this an example in a book took place almost half a year after the event.

Get your work shown as an example