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5 years ago

Marketing Hack #4: Have your work screened at film festivals

Film festivals – why bother?

You’re not gonna get into Cannes or Sundance. At least not on the first try (if you do, my hat off to you, let me know on Twitter @photosbydepuhl), so why try? OK, so what’s a film festival anyway? It’s a competition -sometimes with a cash prize, sometimes not- where film makers submit their work to a jury of their peers, who screen all the films making a selection of which films get screened.

What do film festivals do for your brand? They give you the opportunity to show that your work has been found worthy of being in a line up for a festival, if you win that’s even better, but the mere fact of getting accepted is an accomplishment worthy of sharing.

You also get to show your work to brand new audience. People you haven’t reached before, the press is at festivals it’s a marketers dream. I was interviewed at the festival, that I had submitted “On Wings of Hope“. Here’s the video:

5 years ago

Marketing Hack #3: Become a mind changer

25 Marketing Hacks

Mind Changer–what the heck is that?

You’ve heard of game changers, ever heard about a mind changer? Sometimes great things just happen – a while back, I had the opportunity to premiere a rough cut of “On Wings of Hope” at a local university. During the planning of the event, I was told that the university wanted to poll the students in real time, before and after the film. Sounded like fun, however the benefit of this would not become clear to me until after the screening was done.

Live polling via text and twitter of studio and virtual audience

Live polling via text and twitter of studio and virtual audience

We all have been affected by movies we watch. Some inspire us, others bring us to tears. What I have never gotten is quantifiable feedback from a group that watched my work. I was about to …

How this worked

As about 100 students file into the lecture hall, they are given a few questions. Then they are given a phone number to text to or a twitter hashtag to tweet to. Before the film starts, they tweet or text in their answers, so that the professors can get a baseline. Fortunately I had asked the faculty to include the question for me: