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5 years ago

Resolutions already flatlining in the New Year?

Are your New Years resolutions flatlining?

New Years resolutions. They seem so far away as January is drawing to a close – if you’ve been too busy to notice today’s the last day – so I wanted to reflect on how are you are doing on your New Years resolutions? If your like about half of all American’s (according to a study on statisticbrain.com) you have set some goals to accomplish in 2014. What were they? To get organized? … save more money? … enjoy life? … help others?

So how are you doing with those? The same study claims that only 8% of us are successful in achieving those resolutions. Eight percent – just so you know how much this is – 8% of 2014 is already passed. How would you like to be part of a small percentile that reaches it’s goals and dreams? You’re interested?


Here is goes: Almost half (49% of us) have infrequent success in Continue reading