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5 years ago

MarketingHack #15: Become a regular writer on a national blog

MarketingHack 15: Become a regular contributor to a national blog (or two).
2 and a half years blogging for ASMP blog

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Your clients are searching for an expert

Picture this: someone googles photographer – or any other business for that matter. What kind of small business are they looking to find? The expert, right? Who is listed on the first page of Google? The experts for that search term, right?

I know there are about a gazillion variables Google combs through to rank their results, but let me ask you one question: If there are two photographers, who rank identical in search, but one consistently writes for a national blog (or two) and the other does not – which one of the two will rank higher?

Simple” you say “the one who is a regular contributor to a well known national blog, but how on earth do you become one of those bloggers?” If it were easy, everybody would be doing this, right?

How do you get national exposure?

Write for the blog of a nationally recognized organization to get national exposure, simple right? Well not so fast. Remember when I said that some of these MarketingHacks are simple, they just fall into your lap (like Marketing Hack #8: Do something unexpected – that one took me a less than an hour and cost less than $10 bucks). Let me be honest, the one we’re talking about here requires work and lots of it.

So you wanna write for a national blog …

This may sound silly, but if you’ve never written for a blog – even if it’s your own – it’s gonna be hard to convince the editors of a national blog to have you write for them as a regular contributor (I’m not talking about the occasional guest blogging here, I’m talking about a commitment to create content on an ongoing a regular basis.)

Start here:

Show your work to the editors, so they can get a feel for how you write. If you can show that you write for other known blogs – even if it’s a guest post – that’s gonna help. Like everything in life …

5 years ago

MarketingHack #14: Get a government agency to feature your content

Marketing is about getting your content out there. The more people see it, the better. Since many people find content via search, it’s important that your content get’s shared and linked to, but did you know that Google actually cares who links to your content? Some of the best incoming links are educational and governmental websites. Search engines know that it is much more difficult to get a back link from a government website than a normal .com sit.

With that fact in mind, I wanted to make sure I went after this kind of link, when I filmed for an NGO that partnered with the European Union commission on Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, or ECHO for short. I had interviewed the head of ECHO in Kabul while filming my short documentary film. That’s why I was thrilled to read the following in an email that was  to me:

“[Name] just passed on the film I’d been asking about – many congratulations, it’s come out beautifully! One of the best I’ve seen from any partner til [sic] date actually, both in terms of format and content – very well done! (…) In any case, I really feel this film deserves more visibility, and I’m quite sure we could find other platforms for it (starting of course with the ECHO website!), so please let me know what the plans are.

An employee of a European Union government department wrote these words. ECHO is a partner with the NGO I had filmed ‘On Wings of Hope’ for in Afghanistan.


EU government site links to On Wings of Hope film.


I was humbled and honored by this sentiment, but when they linked to the film on the front page of their website I was ecstatic!

Search engines give government website more weight for inbound links, because they trust these websites more.

So when you create a project or produce a body of work or fashion great online content, it’s a good idea to see if there is any way that you can get a government website (in the US they end with .gov) or at least an educational institution (.edu) to link to your page. It carries more weight than other inbound links.

ECHO site