Jan 062015
Setting up a Time Lapse camera

(TechTip – a short post about a quick tip that will save you time and frustration).

Wish I knew this on my last time lapse

Powering a GoPro for a Time Lapse project
I shot a day long behind the scene time lapse on my last motion job, but since the client hadn’t specified that we’re gonna be shooting a time lapse, I had not brought my usual time lapse DSLR setup that I’ve written about before, but had my GoPro Hero 3+ (@GoPro) in my kit. Even with an extended battery the camera will shoot around 2-3 hours, depending on how many photos, how large, ect. So every couple of hours we’d go check on the camera to see, if it’s still shooting.
Later my assistant told me that a GoPro will shoot while the battery is being charged externally – good to know! I put this info to the test yesterday.

Powering a multi day time lapse

Here’s my setup: GoPro Hero 3+ camera, set to take one 3K still photo every 5 seconds. I hooked up the camera via USB to a battery/inverter called Sherpa 50 made by Goal Zero (@GoalZero), the company that I purchased my solar charge set up for our shoot in the peruvian jungle last year.
The Sherpa ran the camera uninterrupted for over 14 hours, capturing almost 10,000 images until my 32GB microSD card filled up, while the GoalZero Sherpa still was at a 40% charge.

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for reading “…catching the light!” GoPro cameras are pretty versatile and being able to power them while they are capturing images or footage is awesome.

    The GoPro will keep on filming or photographing with any external battery, including the Switch 8. Of course the larger the battery the longer the camera will continue to record. You could also plug the camera into a USB AC charger, then the size of the SD card along with the resolution your filming or the frequency of your photos in the time lapse setting will determine how long you can record. The longest I’ve had the GoPro run is a couple of days on a time lapse test.

    The only issue I’ve had with GoPro cameras is the heat they generate on long duration shooting.

  2. Hi

    Having read through you tip with the Sherpa 50, which has answered a lot of my questions, I checked out the Switch 8 as I think that will do the job for me.
    If I plug in the Switch 8, into my GoPro Hero 4 camera does it keep the camera working? Or does it ‘just charge’ the GoPro ready for use when re-charged?
    Hope you can help

  3. Denis (thanks for asking), but no you do not have to remove the internal or external bater – that’s the cool thing. You must use the ‘frame’ which frees up access to the usb port on the GoPro, so you give up the waterproof case, but you gain virtually unlimited run time. The size of your card will be the only limiting how long the camera can run.

  4. hey, did you remove the battery from the gopro>?

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