Dec 032009

Wow. Now this is awesome. If you want to remotely tether your Nikon or Canon camera to your computer and trigger your camera with your iPhone this is the app for you.

Taking a digital capture with my iPhone

Taking a digital capture with my iPhone

But WAIT there’s more …

You can also change your f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, … from the phone via the WIFI connection. Pretty slick.

But WAIT there’s even more …

Once you have triggered the camera to fire, the app shows you the photo you just took on the screen of your iPhone. Wirelessly. Right away. How cool is that?

But WAIT there’s so much more …

With the most modern cameras, you can also see the live preview from the camera on the iphone.

I’ve always wanted this – here it is. Thank you onOne Software. Awesome product!

Learn more about DSLR Camera Remote here.

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