WordCamp Miami 2016 #WCMIA coming soon - … catching light in motion!
4 years ago

WordCamp Miami 2016 #WCMIA coming soon

WordCamp Miami 2016

What kind of talks to expect at WordCamp Miami 2016

The WordCamp Miami 2016 has put an amazing schedule filled with a variety talks. I’m almost certain nearly every area of WordPress is being covered! 

pascal-depuhlPascal Depuhl, an award-winning visual content creator at Photography by Depuhl, is going to be presenting about How to Shoot the Perfect Video. Depuhl says, “”How do you Shoot the Perfect Video” is geared toward anyone who wants to wrap their head around what actually makes a video stand out from the pack. Since I’m talking about this at WordCamp, I figured that a great video is like a great blog post: You need an intro that peaks curiosity; a body that tells a great story and a conclusion compeling the viewer to act. I’ll also share the one super-secret ingredient, vital in creating mind-changing visual content.”

Pascal mentions that, “I’ve been producing award-winning short corporate documentary films for my clients since 2012 (although I’ve been creating photographs for over 25 years). Come to think of it, that was the same year I went to Afghanistan to film my first documentary “On Wings of Hope”.”

Pascal also said that WordCamp Miami is also bringing back the free mini-video this year. “It’s where any one who wants to have a short 20-30 sec video created can sign up and we’ll shoot them for free.”

Don’t forget to visit the WordCamp Miami 2016 Speaker page so you can check out all of the other outstandingly talented speakers.”

Read the full article by @Nile Flores:


Upcoming Event: WordCamp Miami 2016 #WCMIA

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