Work for Free! (Guest post on ASMP strictly business)

Work for Free Guest blog postPicture your dream job, the image you’ve been dying to create, the gig you’d do anything to get. Got it? Great. Did you shoot it this past year? No? How about the year before?

Does your work challenge and fulfill you? If it does, congratulations, you don’t need to go on reading this post.  But, if you want help in how to push yourself and keep on the cutting edge read on.

Find a project that gets you excited (I mean, like, really excited).

Make a list of a couple (still or motion) projects that contain something you’ve always wanted to do or a place you’ve wanted to visit or an assignment that’ll challenge you – something that you don’t think you can pull off … Now find an organization, that would benefit from one of these projects, the documentary short or a photo essay or some prints (…)

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