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Workflow: making your work flow smoothly

How to make your work flow through your Workflow

… collect all my documents electronically. Scanned model releases, emailed insurance certificates, google maps for location information, photos of rental gear invoices, production books, ect. all live in Evernote.

SalesForce backstops my workflow solution

SalesForce automatically integrates with Evernote, so that when I’m in a one of my jobs in SalesForce, Evernote actually finds documents related to that job, puts them into the Job record and asks me if I’d like to link them to the job folder. It’s like magic and almost unreal the first time you see it happen.From the job folder I can click on the account for more information, or the client to send off a quick email (using pre-written templates of course) or to my calendar or To Do list to jot down something I need to do for this job.

Integration is key

On the flip side SalesForce integrates with Expensify, the solution I use to take snapshots of my receipts to have an automatic expense report created (again – like magic). Expensify reads the receipt and enters amount, payee, category, and a bunch of other data automatically. And since it’s linked with SalesForce, it knows which client has which job open and which expense report goes with that job. After I’m finished with the report, it gets imported into QuickBooks.

Productivity with a Post-It noteThere’s a few other things I do, but I basically took my workflow apart last year and said – ok, someone just filled out the contact form on my website [it’s driven by SalesForce and has already send a customized email back once they hit “submit“]. What happens between that online click and the delivery of the finished images, the client has paid me and I send the client a thank you card?

Then I started automating that process. Now I have a workflow solution that build around my workflow and not the other way around.

I actually use a Post-It note to automates my Productivity? (It’s amazing how many things happen automatically, when I take a photo of the post-it note with my phone – check it out…


  • Which tools to you use to make your work flow smooth?
  • How do you make sure that your user experience blows away your clients?

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