8 hours to photograph a product shoot! 

 October 13, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

I got an email from one of my clients last Friday evening, asking if I could shoot a product/packaging shot in one day. So monday they fedexed a package to me containing the packaging and product for their shoot. So was I able to complete the job in the extreme tight deadline I was given?
I received this package with FedEx first light (i.E. crack of dawn) delivery.The shot was set up in the studio by 8:30 am and all variations were finished by lunch time. Right afterwards the shots are edited, processed, tagged, retouched, finalized in Photoshop and prepared for client delivery – via a password protected photo gallery on my website, which is driven by PhotoShelter Here my clients can view, tag, comment on, edit and download their images. After a quick second round of retouching – to remove some old information on the packaging, this job was bid on, merchandise received, photographed, digitally processed, cataloged, retouched, delivered and billed within 24 hours. Not bad for a lighting quick turn around.

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Pascal Depuhl

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