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Did you know that the perfect video is just like the perfect blog post?

No? Join us at Pipeline Coral Gables on Oct 22 at noon to find out…

Watch a quick recap of "How to shoot the perfect video"

A few facts on why you should be creating videos for you and your clients:

Cisconetworking company

Globally IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, only surpassed by Google.

Oh, and Google owns YouTube.

YouTubeVideo delivery company

Pascal DepuhlMindchanger

Video production makes up for less than 40% of my jobs, but those  productions bring in over 70% of revenue.

Who's talking? Pascal Depuhl is a Miami based product photographer and commercial cinematographer. He creates mind changing visual content for his clients and has been producing award wining videos for over 5 years. Pascal also writes a blog that talks about photography, cinematography and what branding, marketing and productivity tools he uses to keep his small business running effectively.

Missed something? Flip through the presentation slides again:

You can check out some of the articles he's written on his blog and if you don't want to read it now you can scroll down and pick up some goodies (i.E. discounts and freebies) and more info on my favorite iPhone grip: the BeastGrip!


…catching light in motion!

A blog run by a Miami based product photographer and cinematographer that focuses on creating mind changing visual content, explains how to use today's technology to be more efficient and shares the online tools that keep this South Florida small business a productive powerhouse.

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Product photographer in Miami.

GOODIES (i.E. discounts and freebies)

25% off Vimeo Plus or Pro

Vimeo is the video service that I use to  showcase and deliver my short documentary style corporate films to my clients. Take 25% off your Pro or Plus membership:

$15 off Photoshelter

Photoshelter is the online home for my photography. It is also the engine behind much of my website and online storage. Enjoy $15.- off your photoshelter subscription.

Join Own It for FREE

Own It is an online community of small businesses, sponsored by QuickBooks. It's a great place to have your business questions answered and meet local start ups.


Here is the BeastGrip I mentioned in the meetup.

This is my iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter) holder of choice. It gives you a stable way to hold your phone and attach external microphones, monitors and tripods to it - turning it into a great little video camera.

Buy the beast grip with an optional wide-angle lens for a few bucks more.

Purchase the grip by itself (without a lens).

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About the Author

Pascal Depuhl is a 25 year veteran of product photography and lives in Miami for over 2 decades. He's been producing video for the past 5 years now and his clients include National Geographic, Netflix, the BBC and many local and national companies.

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