Building a network – get out there 

 August 25, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Building a network: get out there

People have been building a network or networking since the dawn of time or at least as soon as the first guy realized, he could be more effective with the help of other people. There are a million places to build your network from professional groups like ASMP to personal connections like the parents of your kids friends. From local gatherings like your place of worship to global ones like social media. No matter what opportunity you choose to build your network, one question is always the same: “What do you say?” “How do you build a network that is strong?” “Why should the other person help you?”

I don’t care, if we’re talking about the guy you met at the last professional workshop; the lady that knows you from your synagogue or the person half way around the world, whom you only know by his twitter handle or the client that just found you online. How do you get a stranger to hire you, to refer you to their sphere of influence, to help you in some other way? ’cause in the end that’s what networking is all about.

Forget about ______________, when building a network. Wanna find out what is overrated when building a network? Check back tomorrow.

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Pascal Depuhl

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