Killer video: learn how to create them for your blog. 

 May 14, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

We all want to create killer videos to stand out from all the content that is washing over us daily. But how do you set your videos apart from all the others? The short answer: make killer videos, little films that engage and inspire your audience.

It’s been a crazy weekend! Friday I got to give a TEDx talk titled “The Art of changing minds” and Saturday I spoke at WordCamp Miami 2014 about “How to create a killer video for your blog”.

WordCamp is a conference of developers, users and explorers that use the WordPress platform. I got to give a quick talk about the necessity of making some killer videos for your blog and websites and what it takes to create them.

WordCamp Miami 2014 attendees listen to Pascal Depuhl lay out what it takes to make a killer video for their blog.

Check out the slides of the presentation I gave to these WordPress professionals at WordCamp Miami 2014. (Stay tuned for the video of the talk – it’s gonna be on WordPress TV soon …)

Creating Killer Videos for your blog:

Pascal loves telling the stories of his clients. He’s passionate about crafting those into engaging visual content, that inspires his client’s customers to act. Pascal’s been creating photographs for over 20 years for a large variety of companies from multi-billon dollar global brands to local start ups. He recently began producing video and his work has been aired on National Geographic, the BBC and many of his photography clients. You want to know what his secret sauce is? Why his stories change the minds of his audiences? It’s three little words …

3 little words you need to create killer video:

You need to get your head out of the clouds, get off your butt and get going.

Follow your vision – it will transform the way you tell your stories,

Fuel your passion – it will refresh the ways you share reality and

Execute on your idea – and aspire your stories to inspire.

You must breathe life into (or really aspire) your story, before it can change the minds of (or inspire) your audience.

(if this sounds familiar it’s the wrap up of my TEDx talk in Boca Raton :)

I can change your mind in 15 minutes. Wanna see how? Check out my award wining documentary–I filmed this killer video in Afghanistan. It’s called “On Wings of Hope”, so see for yourself. I showed a rough cut of this movie to 100 university students last year and you can check out how this movie changed their minds in a blog post titled: “How to change 100 minds in 15 minutes.

Let me know if there is any information I can help you with in regards to cinematography, photography or how to create engaging visual content for your clients, basically how to make a killer video. I love helping brands bring their passionate vision to life.

(Contact me on twitter or through a comment on this blog …)

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Pascal Depuhl

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