CreativeMornings Miami: why you really should come to April’s CreativeMornings talk 

 April 4, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

If you’ve never heard about the worldwide phenomenon CreativeMornings,  you’re in for a treat! I recently got introduced to this curious event, that is part TED talk, part networking and always has breakfast. Yum! (Thanks Jorge for the intro) It’s a great place to meet local creative thinkers, listen to another creative inspire you and grab some breakfast. (Shout out to Mad Chiller (@MadChillerWorld) thanks for those delicious waffles and coffee.)

CreativeMornings meets in 110 cites worldwide

CreativeMornings is in 110 cities worldwide March’s topic was “Ink” (btw all 110 CreativeMornings cities talk about the same theme each month) and in Miami Andreas Schreiner from the Pubbellyboys (@pubbelly)–the driving force behind the Pubbelly restaurants–spoke about how to launch and run a successful start-up small business.

3 principals that guide the pubbellyboys

Andrew shared three important principles that guide his every day:

#1 Be the boss you always wanted to be, but …

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…never had.

#2 The golden rule (ok. So he stole that one) and

#3 Be ethical in everything you do

Let me know what principals your company runs on in the comments.

Register for next months CreativeMornings Miami

CreativeMornings Miami meets every month on a Friday at various locations for breakfast and their short talk. Next months topic is humility with The New Tropic (@newtropicmiami) speaking and Lemon City (@LemonCityTeas) showing off their delicious teas.

April’s CreativeMornings talk will be held at MADE at The Citadel (@madecitadel) on April 10th from 8:30am to 10am. Register for your tickets here.

Oh (this is still a secret), but stay tuned to CreativeMornings Miami and see Photography by Depuhl (@photosbydepuhl) collaborate with them on an upcoming movie screening of “On Wings of Hope“! – but remember – you didn’t hear that from me. You’ll see what we mean at April’s talk. See you then!

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