Ice cream and global warming on a cold day! 

 February 20, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

It’s 43º outside and they’re serving ice cream. Not just any ice cream – it’s Lulu’s. Dozens of Miami’s creatives gather at the Frost Science museum at today’s Creative Mornings event, to hear Biff talk about Climate (this months topic for all of the 100+ Creative Mornings that are happening all over the world). “Biff” (@) – the Chief Science Officer for the Museum of science – is awesome. I mean how can you not like a guy, who talks about aqua bots seeding the ocean floor with coral before breakfast?

Dozens of Miami creatives fill the Frost Science Museum
Dozens of Miami creatives fill the Frost Science Museum

Breakfast today is nitrogen frozen ice cream by lulu’s (@Lulus_IceCream) – which turns out to be a Creative Mornings (@CreativeMorning) tradition, they seem to believe that science goes together with ice cream.

Who am I to complain? Lulu’s coconut ice cream turns out to be absolutely amazing!

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