Marketing Hack #7: How to increase your exposure from an inch to 180 square feet 

 June 8, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

WCMIA Program
The literal inch of exposure every speaker got at #WCMIA

They gave me an inch of exposure …

A little exposure is good – a lot of exposure is better. Marketing Hack #6 was all about getting in front of trusted influencers. So what could possibly be better, than getting the opportunity to speak to some of the 800+ attendees of a conference custom made for  companies and individuals, who are trusted by your target market. What could possibly be better, than that inch of exposure you get in the program and on their website? Think about it: I was one of 70 speakers at WordCamp Miami 2015 and if an attendee is not looking to learn about video, that inch is easy to miss. The talk is 30 minutes during a 3 day conference. Face it – you’re still easy to miss.

… and I turned that into 180 square feet of my name in lights!

OK, so my name was not in lights, but we did have 3,000 Watts of movie lights in the video studio that we set up in the main hall. Every single one of the participants, speakers and sponsors walked by it a few times a day – and that’s a lot more exposure, than a 3o minute speech or the inch in the conference schedule.

WCMIA Studio

Many people were curious what we were doing at WordCamp Miami with the cameras, lights and boom mic that looked more like a news set, than a typical WordCamp vendor. Maybe that curiosity also came from the sign that said “Free Video” – expertly drawn and marketed by my two daughters.

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There is no such thing as a free lunch…

Free video will get you exposure … or free exposure for that matter. If you’ve never heard about WordCamp you gotta check it out: it’s a conference focusing on the WordPress blogging platt held in 150 cities worldwide. WordCamps teach all levels of users, from kids and beginners to developers – there’s something for everyone.

OK” you day “I get the benefits of speaking at a conference like WordCamp.” [Check out Marketing Hack #6 if you don’t] “but giving away free video? Isn’t that a lot of work for a couple days of exposure?

I filmed 30 short videos. In two days. That’s 30 people, sponsors and companies who got something for me and are giving me exposure for free, just by the fact that they are talking about the video they got for free at WordCamp.

20 videos

This Marketing Hack is valuable, because …

twitter video #WCMIA
Twitter exposure

Not only did I film 30 short videos for marketing agencies, bloggers, software developers, ect. over the two days, but every participant walked by the video studio at least once and since this was a custom built setup, many stopped and asked what I was doing, what exactly was being given away for free (most couldn’t believe it) and went on to tweet about it.

There’s another benefit: a bunch of people asked me if I had a studio – and I could just turn around a point to the set up we had going at #WCMIA.

Proving to potential clients that you can pull off what their looking for is a good way to burn your brand into their brain.

The result: 

I got to meet a bunch of great people. They are trusted by and work with my target market. I’m looking forward to where these connections lead in the future.


UPDATE: Check out some of the video clips I filmed at WordCamp Miami 

Tweet about a video I filmed at #WCMIA

Tweet to website with the video I filmed at #WCMIA Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.02.20 AM Tweet to blog post with the video I filmed at #WCMIA







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