Is your dream broken? Learn how to revive it! 

 January 16, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

 Do you dream of running a creative business …

… or are you running the business of your dreams?

Dream Bigger conference - how to have the business of your dreams!

Hear 12 inspiring speakers over three days in early February. The “Dream Bigger” conference offers some fresh, challenging advice on how to be more creative in your business. If you’re looking for practical and inspirational ideas to grow your creative business – join us (if you’re happy with where your big dreams have taken you – then don’t).

Pascal Depuhl lays out a roadmap on how to achieve your impossible dream. He’ll walk you through the 5 steps he took, to dream up the crazy idea of directing his first documentary short film in AfghanistanPlus you’ll hear 11 other speakers challenge and guide you.

Miami based photographer and cinematographer.
Pascal Depuhl flying in a King Air, while directing his first documentary “Oh Wings of Hope” in Afghanistan

You can follow the practical steps Pascal outlines in his talk and crush the common obstacles he faced, in order to realize your own bigger dream.

Angela Pointon, of Steel Toe Images, has put together a group of unconventional speakers, who will inspire you and give you practical tips on everything from defining your business, connecting with people, dealing with difficult clients to new marketing ideas and teaching you how to overcome the roadblocks in achieving your goals and dreams for you business. Are you looking for a place to go, to have new life breathed into your broken dreams then look no further? I bet you’d love to work in the creative business of your dreams …



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(and save with a nice discount!)

This web conference is being held as an audio only online event. It’s specifically designed that way, so that you can listen to it live and download it after its finished so you have it when you’re driving, running, editing, ect. “Dream Bigger” is happening over three days Feb 3rd – 5th 2014.

(BTW Pascal’s talk starts on Feb. 3rd at 1pm EST).

Registration will cost $149.- starting Feb 3rd,
but if you join us before the 3rd it’s almost half off!

Check out the topics and speakers:

How To Never Have To Market Your Business Again

Angela Pointon,

Steel Toe Images
10 Tips For Your Online Presence

Scott Kivowitz,

The Absence of Awesome: Dealing with difficult clients.

Kim Anderson & Charo Baxter,

A Camera And A Dream
You’re wrong.

Pascal Depuhl,

Movies by Depuhl
A No-BS Approach To Marketing for Creatives

Don Giannatti,

10 Steps To Help You Live Your Dream

Amy Zellmer,

My Photo Biz Coach
Inbound Marketing For Creatives

Jimmy Moncrief,

The Power of Positioning to Grow Your Business

Tara Gentile,

It’s Time To Shine!

Amanda Sosa Stone,

Agency Access
How To Connect With Anyone


Discover Your BRANDALITY (Brand Personality) to Stand Out

Kaye Putnam,


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Wanna get a feel for what Pascal’s gonna get into in his talk? His article called “Big Idea: Be unrealistic!“will be published on the American Society of Media Photographers blog ‘Strictly Business‘ next week – stay tuned!


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Pascal Depuhl

Miami product photographer, video producer, cinematographer and chief mindchanger at Photography by Depuhl I love to share the knowledge I've gained over the past two decades. Catching light in motion.