Jewelry photographer in Miami 

 November 15, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

The last few jobs I have shot have been for a variety of jewelers. They have ranged from shooting $400,000.- rings at a jeweler’s store that has been established for over 100 years in Miami, to a brand new website that is launching a new line of custom designed watches to shooting for an old client again that distributes australian designed urban inspired jewelry.

All these images are shot on black, retouched and cleaned up. The reflection in post, which is easier than trying to keep the dust off of black plexi glass. The first time I shot for this client, I had planned to capture the reflections in camera, but retouching all the tiny dust spots out of the image, that would appear on the plexi immediately after cleaning it become such a chore that I produced all of them in post.

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Pascal Depuhl

Miami product photographer, video producer, cinematographer and chief mindchanger at Photography by Depuhl I love to share the knowledge I've gained over the past two decades. Catching light in motion.