LuminAID Pack Lite: What’s in your Bag? Episode 2 

 July 29, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

What's in your bag?

Episode 2 of "What's in your bag?" features LuminAID. The weekly episode will be published on #What'sInYourBagWednesdays and feature the odd and unusual items that professional photographers carry around in their bags. Come join me as we dive into my bag and check out What's in my bag?

Today we'll talk about light. I don't know how many times I'm on location before the sun rises or striking a set in the dark. This goes with the territory of creating beautiful visual content so here's one of the solutions I use to work in the dark. These lights pack up into a package that weighs next to nothing and is smaller than your wallet, so it's always in my bags - I even have one in my first aid kit - check it out:

LuminAID makes a lightweight easily packable, rugged, bright light that can be charged during the day (while it's folded up) and is easily inflated. The translucent plastic body gives you a really nice area light to work with.

Now you can hang the bag on a branch through it's carrying handle, clip a carabiner through the the loop or hang on a nail or hook. So clean up, finish writing your log book or grab some light to transfer footage with this beautiful little light.

 ​Here are the tech specs for this little USB charger from Bushnell:

Specs for

luminAID packlight 16

Product specs courtesy of luminAID

With all of the "What's in your bag?" episodes, I'll post a link to where you can purchase this item. Here's a link to the luminAID solar powered light:

The video in this post is a recording of a #Periscope live stream from earlier in the week - if you want to get a sneak peek of the next "What's in your bag" episode you can follow me on the periscope app. Download the app and look for @PhotosByDepuhl. 

LuminAID Pack Lite: What’s in your Bag? Episode 2

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