25 MarketingHacks

…that burn your brand into their brains!

25 Marketing Hacks for photographers

With so much noise out there competing for our attention we have to think out of the box to help our clients remember us. Here are 25 MarketingHacks that I've used to burn my brand into my client's brain. Every Monday is #MarketingHack Monday with a fresh way to hack your marketing …

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25 MarketingHacks that burn your brand into their brain

  1. Be the “30 second pitch” at Creative Mornings in your town.
  2. Guest blog about how you created the job.
  3. Show a rough cut at a local university and poll the students.
  4. Have your work screened at film festivals.
  5. Submit the finished production to international marketing awards competitions.
  6. Speak at a blogging conference about “How you produce killer visual content.”
  7. Premiere your work in an unbelievable space.
  8. Create a workshop teaching about what you’ve learned from your last assignment.
  9. License footage to well know international brands.
  10. Enter your work in “ASMP’s “Best of” Annual” and win.
  11. Produce and mentor at masterclasses with world renowned content creators.
  12. Become a regular contributor to a national blog (or two).
  13. Get your work’s Facebook page featured in “Social Media Design for Dummies”
  14. Be the guest on a podcast and talk about the challenges of personal work.
  15. Have a government feature a trailer of your work.
  16. Secure the URL of the name of your project.
  17. Get your worldwide premiere to trend on Twitter.
  18. Give a motivational speech about overcoming hurdles at an online conference.
  19. Write an equipment review about the gear you use.
  20. Start a discussion in a LinkedIn: “Does personal work matter?”
  21. Teach a class of film school students about how to produced professional work.
  22. Hand out business cards featuring one specific project .
  23. Write an article in a tech magazine about the hard drives used to store your data.
  24. Make a physical copy of your project to give away to local influencers in your community.
  25. Give a TEDx talk on “The art of changing minds.”