Miami’s soul 

 August 28, 2016

By  Pascal Depuhl

Miami’s soul

Robert looks more like a hit man, than a pastor and he’ll be the first person to tell you. He’s also one of the very first people I met working on fashion photo shoots in Miami, as I started coming down to South Florida in the mid 90’s to escape the winters in Chicago and New York  (for obvious reasons).

If you’re looking for the soul of Miami, look no further than Robert and his wife Elizabeth, who have dedicated their lives to serving the people of Miami. You won’t find someone with a bigger heart for the people of Miami, than these two.

The church Robert pastors is called Calvary Chapel Miami Beach, a non denominational church just north of 71st Street on North Beach, a block west of 0 Cinema with a few hundred perishoners. It is one of the most diverse places I know in Miami in regards to pretty much every metric you want to look at from old to young, from fashion models to the homeless and every color under the rainbow the only thing you’ll find in common is the love that these people have for the inhabitants of the City of Miami (…)

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