Pascal Depuhl becomes official Capture One Ambassador 

 November 9, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

[CAPTURE ONE has discontinued their Ambassador program. I still use and love this software, but the company has stopped issuing discount codes to their Ambassadors.]

Official Capture One Ambassador

I’m proud to announce that Photography by Depuhl is an official Capture One Ambassador. I use Phase One’s RAW image processor on every still life shoot I’ve produced over the last ten years. I’ve used this image processing software with Canon, Nikon as well as a variety of medium format and large format cameras over the years.

But don’t take my word for it, Capture One gives you a 30 day free trial. As an official Capture One Ambassador, I’m thrilled to offer you a 10% discount on this phenomenal software. Use the code at check out when you’re ready to buy Capture One.

What’s impressed me most with Capture One, is their continuing commitment to producing an excellent product that addressed the needs of many photographic disciplines:

  • Capture One renders the best skin tones for the fashion and wedding photographer
  • Capture One has tools specifically created for the architectural photographer
  • Capture One implements fantastic color correction and replacement for the product photographer

Capture One feature list

Phase One has built their RAW processing software around a workflow that goes far beyond the processing of your digital files alone:

  • Get 10% off Capture One
    Use my code PASCALAMB at check out at Capture One to get your 10% discount.

    Library – set up your session or catalog here (Phase One includes a full-fledged image cataloging system to maintain your image archive.

  • Capture – image naming, control your camera and set up image capture parameters; fully integrated with iOS app that allows remote control by you and remote viewing by your client, across your studio via WiFi or across the world via internet enabled connection
  • Color – some of the best color balance, color correction and color replacement in the world. Set it once and Capture One will apply all settings to your next capture upon capture.
  • Exposure – detailed exposure control, increasing your ability to create the perfect image file for your clients
  • Lens – custom lens profiles, LCC profile setup, vignetting and movement control
  • Composition – precise cropping and rotation tools, automatic keystone correction (perfect for architecture and product photographer) as well as layout overlays (for catalog and advertising shooters)
  • Details – focus, noise reduction, film grain, the list goes on and on
  • Local Adjustments – image masking tools to apply many of the Capture One tools to specific parts of your image (great for landscape photographers)
  • Adjustments – full control of which adjustments get copied to a group of images. Capture One has a blazing fast image processing engine that can apply all changes to hundreds of images in seconds
  • Metadata – Copyright Info, Camera EXIF data, keywords, rating and color tags, …
  • Output – fine control over the delivery of your digital files. From full high res files to watermarked digital proofs, Capture One can even make a lighting fast web contact sheet to share with your clients
  • Batch – view your current images as Capture One processes them and go back into your processing history.

Post any questions you have about using Capture One in the comments, I’m glad to give you my 2 cents …


This Capture One link is my affiliate link to Capture One when you use my ambassador code. I approached Phase One, because I want to be part of their affiliate program. I use and love Capture One and believe it’s one of the best RAW image converters for photographers. 

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