Resolutions already flatlining in the New Year? 

 January 31, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

New Years resolutions. They seem so far away as January is drawing to a close – if you’ve been too busy to notice today’s the last day – so I wanted to reflect on how are you are doing on your New Years resolutions? If your like about half of all American’s (according to a study on statisticbrain.com) you have set some goals to accomplish in 2014. What were they? To get organized? … save more money? … enjoy life? … help others?

So how are you doing with those? The same study claims that only 8% of us are successful in achieving those resolutions. Eight percent – just so you know how much this is – 8% of 2014 is already passed. How would you like to be part of a small percentile that reaches it’s goals and dreams? You’re interested?


Here is goes: Almost half (49% of us) have infrequent success in reaching our goals. So try this on for size – set higher goals. Make your New Years resolutions huge! (It’s ok, if you do that today – I won’t tell anyone that you’re a month late.) Shoot for the stars, go nuts, try to achieve something that you think is impossible. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about read my Big Idea: Be Unrealistic blog post.)

Don’t you think it would be better to have 20% of a $100,000.- , than get 100% of twenty bucks? We hear so much about setting goals that are reachable, measurable, achievable and doable and that’s all fine and dandy, BUT I believe if you set ‘safe, small and sensible ‘ goals you’re short changing yourself. One of my favorite sayings, that a good friend of mine often uses, is

‘Go big, or Go home.’

Do you really think entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs set out to reach mediocre goals? Steve told us: “You need to have a lot of _________________ for what you’re doing, ’cause it’s really hard and any sane person would  quit. †” What is he taking about: … organization? … budget setting skills? … weight loss? NO! Passion to reach your goal, love what you do to fulfill your dream.

Do you think visionaries like Martin Luther King Jr. set out to dream a medium size dream? Martin said”I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and ††” ____________________________. Fill in the blank again: … get organized? … save more money? … enjoy life? NO! “Live out the true meaning of it’s creed!” A huge dream, that looked impossible to very many people.

How about Thomas Edison? Ya think he set the threshold for trying to invent a lightbulb at 10 tries? 100 tries? 1,000 tries? What was his success rate? You really wanna know?


One in 10,000.

That’s perseverance.

Is your goal for 2014 to loose 5 pounds or to change the world? Is your dream to get your desk organized or to undermine the status quo? If you are not going to set your goals high, nothing will challenge you. Big Dreams bring a chance of spectacular failures, but also incredible achievements. How often to you try? How lofty are you’re goals? How big are your dreams?

Dream Bigger! Make crazy New Years Resolutions


Join Pascal Depuhl and 12 unconventional speakers that will jump start your dream. If your New Years resolutions are flatlining and you need some motivation, encouragement and a roadmap on how to take a huge dream and turn it into reality, join us at the Dream Bigger Conference next week (02/03-02/15) and hear a dozen unconventional speakers over three days help revive your resolutions. It’s gonna be a lot of challenging fun. (Hey just the download of 12 inspiring talks is well worth the price of admission – which by the way – will go up $100.- on Sunday night – just sayin’)


I, for one, am gonna talk about the 5 steps you need to take to make your out-of-your-mind-crazy-you-can’t-be-serious-for-even-thinking-that-you-could-pull-this-off kind of idea sized dream and make it a reality. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I had a huge (insane) dream 2 years ago: I wanted to film my first documentary movie in Afghanistan. I talk about the steps I took to make that resolution a reality.  I’ll tell you the first step right now (seriously, this one’s on me) – you need a desire to reach the dream. A burning passion in your heart, that let’s you ignore the critics (oops just gave the second step away – for the rest you’ll have to listen to my talk titled “You’re wrong!” on Monday at 1PM EST :)

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If you want to improve you odds to reach new heights in your life (personal or professional) let me challenge you to set higher goals, accept bigger failures and dream bigger dreams. Have you ever tried to dream an unrealistic dream and resolved to make it a reality (if you have tell me in the comments below. If you haven’t tell me what’s stopping you.) Either way you should try it. Believe me the payout is incalculable.


† Steve Jobs on passion and loving what your doing: Foundation Initial Goal Setting: Steve Jobs.
†† Martin Luther King Junior on his dream: Transcript of "I have a Dream Speech.
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