Pascal was born in Tampa, FL., and moved to Germany, where he stayed through high school. At that time he was an avid amateur photographer, developing his own film and prints in his darkroom. Pascal moved to Chicago to attend college studying audiovisual communications. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1992, having worked as a photographer for the college newspaper and yearbook, as well as the school itself.

After college, Pascal began working as a photo assistant in Chicago and two years late in New York, where he worked with top creative fashion shooters like Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Arthur Elghort, and others. Pascal took a job as a full-time in-house photographer in Florida in 1996, where he worked for 7 years.

Since then he has been working as a freelance photographer in South Florida – you can see his work at In December of 2010, he started playing with video and shot a few small commercial motion jobs in 2011, the most involved was for one of his photography clients – a cosmetic company, that wanted to see how its shampoo stacked up against the competition.

In the summer of that year, Pascal began thinking about the possibility to film this documentary, however, it would take months before it became a reality and even longer to produce it. (For the complete backstory, you can check out his blog post on what made him go to Afganistan).

Pascal flew over to Kabul in mid-January of 2012 and filmed in Afghanistan for 2 and a half weeks.