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Social media marketing – How do I get started?

What is Social Media?

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Get into the mind of a Creative Director on how they use Social Media to find and hire photographers:

Scott Coventry:

Socsee Creative Directors and Photographers

After recently speaking at an ASMP switch2social.com event the other speakers and audience inspired me to expand upon the few sentences I threw on the screen. There seemed to be some buzz about what was discussed. So let’s expand upon them.

So what does a creative director look for in a photographer?

Let’s start with the basics: 

Assumption 1: You’re already a professional photographer that is capable of consistently getting good shots. So, if we’re using you it’s because we like your work.

If you’ve been contracted (…) Read the rest of this article on Scotts blog.

Need a refresher on the LinkedIn talk Jorge gave at Switch2Social?

Jorge Parra:


Success Strategies for Freelancers in Linkedin

A couple of years ago, I had posted a whole set of tips and suggestions on how to successfully use Linkedin as a professional networking channel, taking advantage of the fact, that, contrary to FaceBook and other channels, Linkedin gathers a huge percentage of professionals from all areas and fields of human performance. This characteristic makes Linkedin a potentially useful platform to build up new business relationships and strategic alliances, which can help on the profitability of your own business. (…) Read the rest of this article on Jorge’s post on LinkedIn.

Pascal Depuhl:

Learn from Rosh "How to get started on Social Media"

How to get started on Social Media

Someone turned on a fire hose on Thursday at #Switch2Social workshop and wow–that was some great information–but honestly hearing that much info about Social Media in one sitting, can make it difficult to figure how to get started on Social Media.

First of all you gotta have a website, like Rosh said. One that can convert people, who found you on Google, into clients. Take a quick look at your site. Is there a clear ‘Call-to-action’, i.E. something you are trying to get people to do? (…) Read the rest of this article on Pascal’s blog.

You know you need to start a blog–Kate shows you the steps to get started:

Kate Benson:

South-Florida-ASMP-Kate-Benson-4-1024x576 copy

Switch 2 Social Recap | A Seminar On Social Media And Blogging

Last Thursday I spoke at an ASMP event titled, “Social Media Secrets Revealed,” about how blogging has helped my business grow. For those of you who attended, thank you. For those of you who couldn’t make it or were too far away, you missed a great show! Rosh Sillars was the keynote speaker and had some great tips. Pascal Depuhl, Jorge ParraScott Coventry and I were additional speakers who shared our own personal success stories (…) Read the rest of this article on Kate’s blog

Rosh is going to kick it off:


What I didn’t share about social media in Miami

Last Thursday I shared social media secrets with photographers in Miami. It was a good crowd of over sixty people and they had great questions. I presented a new slide deck with valuable information. As I was talking to the group and after the event, I realized there is more information I need to share (…) Read the rest of this article on Rosh’s blog


A huge thanks to our sponsors and friends that made the event and some really cool prizes possible! We’ll be posting photos of the event and the winners and some other amazing content!


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Rosh Sillars teaches at Switch2Social Photo: Photography by Depuhl © 2015

Thank you for coming out to Switch2Social Miami! We had an awesome time and Social Media author and expert Rosh Sillars rocked the house, schooling us all about Social Media along with fashion photographer Kate Benson, advertising shooter Jorge Parra, Creative Director Scott Conventry and photographer and cinematographer Pascal Depuhl all local experts who gave some real world Social Media examples.

The event may be over, but we’re far from being finished! As promised at the event, today kicks off a week of blog posts by each one of our speakers on their own blogs, as they share even more Social Media secrets with you! If you were at the workshop, you received an email with a the PDF of ‘Social Media tips and tricks’ as well as the blog post schedule for this coming week.