TechTip: Why my Canon 5D MkII doesn’t power up with an external battery. 

 May 6, 2013

By  Pascal Depuhl

(TechTip – a short post about a quick tip that will save you time and frustration).

Blueshape's external battery with 4 power ports.
Blueshape’s external battery with 4 power ports.

I hooked up a Blueshape Bubblepack external battery to my Canon 5D MkII set up today. When I turned on the camera, it seemed like the battery was empty – although it was fully charged. If you’ve seen my rig, you know that I place the Zacuto plate that usually protects my EVF over the camera’s screen in the back, since I don’t use it while shooting.

However, I did not see the camera message, letting me know that it can not communicate with the battery and wanting to know if that was ok with me. All you need to do it dismiss the message, by clicking ok and everything works fine. So here’s the tech tip: On startup let the camera know that you’re ok with it not communicating with the E6 battery – since it’s not installed and it will now be powered by an external battery (or AC adapter).

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