The 1100 square foot photographic print job! 

 September 11, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

A few weeks ago I shot an image for one of my clients, a local hotel on South Beach, that had commissioned a photograph of a tropical flower for it’s rooms several months ago. This image was shot with a large format Sinar X camera and captured on an H25 back. That was supposed to be it for my involvement. The hotel had a supplier that was going to print these images so that they could be displayed as backlit pieces of art in the room.

My client was looking for almost 200 prints that would be mounted backlit in each room, mounted on plexiglass – totaling a combined print size of almost 1200 square feet! Since I believe in good customer service however, and was sure that we could produce a better piece locally – so I teamed up with The Color House in Miami – one of the best labs I know anywhere. They did a tremendous job printing almost 200 two by four feet duratran prints, mounted them on plexiglass, pre drilled and finished the piece to the exact specifications needed.

Half of the print order at The Color House, waiting for quality control to check it, clean it and pack it for Monday delivery.The wrapped half that we delivered to the hotel today.

We delivered half of the print order today and will be back after the weekend to complete the job.
This job would not have been possible without the excellent service and ability of David at The Color House. Thank you David.

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Pascal Depuhl

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