Bushnell SolarWrap Mini: What’s in your Bag? Episode 1 

 July 22, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

What's in your bag?

Today we're starting a new blog series called "What's in your bag?" The weekly episode will be published on #What'sInYourBagWednesdays and feature the odd and unusual items that professional photographers carry around in their bags. Come join me as we dive into my bag and check out What's in my bag?

Today we'll talk about power. Beginning with my iPhone and GoPro camera I often find myself in a situation that requires me to recharge these devices through day, but often I'm not close to an outlet. Check out how I keep my cell phone and POV camera topped up throughout the day:

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The Bushnell SolarWrap Mini USB charger is a little portable USB charger that you can charge from any powered USB port: a wall charger, computer, ect., but where this little guy really shines is once you unwrap the flexible solar pannel. 

Now you can charge any device that has a USB charging port with out the need of being plugged into the grid. So no matter if you're in the middle of the jungle days away from the nearest outlet or just on the beach on a local photo shoot, the SolarWrap mini ensures that you always have enough power left over. 

 ​Here are the tech specs for this little USB charger from Bushnell:

Specs for



Weight: oz


Size: in

4.3" x 1.25"

Deployed Length: in


Charge From Wall:

4 Hours

Charge From Solar:

10 Hours

USB Outlets:


Power Output:

5v, 1a

Battery Type:

Li Ion

With all of the "What's in your bag?" episodes, I'll post a link to where you can purchase this item. Here's a link to the Bushnell Bear Grylls SolarWrap Mini USB Charger:

The video in this post is a recording of a #Periscope live stream from earlier in the week - if you want to get a sneak peek of the next "What's in your bag" episode you can follow me on the periscope app. Download the app and look for @PhotosByDepuhl. 

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